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5DTM enables smart, safe and precise autonomous navigation that works seamlessly in cluttered environment, inclement weather or indoors.

In this era of digital transformation there is an accelerating need for software and sensors for industrial automation, IoT and smart cities. 5DTM provides a state-of-the-art hyper-positioning and autonomous navigation platform that can transform any existing vehicle into a smart, precise and safe autonomous vehicle.

Positioning Engine Software

AI based software that fuses multiple positioning sensors to provide precise positioning to within 2 cm.

Behavior Engine Software

A suite of cross-platform, AI based software that provides safe motion and autonomous navigation for vehicles.

Positioning Sensor

Providing precise and reliable centimeter level positioning, allowing for robust operation in challenging environments.

 Dynamic Intelligence

Our software and sensors provide a differentiated and scalable solution for precise and reliable autonomy.

  • Industrial Automation

    Michael Kneeland, CEO United Rentals
    5D’s technology will help automate the movement of equipment through our yards, increasing efficiency, safety and reliability.
  • Collision Avoidance

    Jim Marchi, CEO Metrom Rail
    5D’s UWB technology was the clear choice to provide the high precision and reliability we need in difficult, GPS denied environments.

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