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About Us

Shaping the future of autonomous vehicles

In this era of digital transformation there is an accelerating need for software and sensors for industrial automation, IoT and smart cities.

  1. 5DTM provides a state-of-the-art hyper-positioning and autonomous navigation platforms that can transform any existing vehicle into a smart, precise and safe autonomous vehicle.
  2. 5DTM enables smart, safe and precise autonomous navigation that works seamlessly in cluttered environment, inclement weather or indoors.
  3. 5DTM was founded by a technical team that spun out of the Idaho National Lab.  The team formed around a strong core of intellectual property, software and knowledge developed over a decade of government and military work.  The core technology has been deployed for use in landmine detection, HAZMAT response, and search and rescue.

The 5DTM team built on this foundation, creating a reusable suite of cross-platform software.  5DTM AI based Positioning EngineTM software fuses multiple positioning sensors including GNSS, LIDAR, Inertial, Sonar, 5D-UWB and others to provide precise positioning to within 2 cm.   Additionally, we have developed a suite of cross-platform, AI based software called the Behavior EngineTM software that provides safe motion and autonomous navigation for vehicles.

5DTM distributes a PulsON® Positioning Sensor product based on UWB technology.  This unique sensor provides precise and reliable centimeter level positioning through a constellation (a constellation is a network of PulsON® sensors). This allows for robust operation in challenging cluttered environments both indoor and outdoor as well as in inclement weather such as rain, snow, dust and fog, where other sensors degrade or fail.  Coupled with cloud-based dynamic intelligence, 5D’s software products and sensors provide a differentiated and scalable solution for precise and reliable autonomy.

In 2016, 5DTM achieved significant momentum within the Connected Vehicle and Smart City markets in addition to our roots in the Industrial/Enterprise and Military markets.  Partners include United Rentals, Metrom Rail, San Diego Gas and Electric, and the New York City Department of Transportation.

ForkliftIn April 2016, 5DTM purchased the industrial assets and personnel of Aerial MOBTM, a leading drone company which allowed 5DTM to fly survey and inspection missions for a variety of high profile customers. It also paves the way for 5DTM to integrate our positioning and collision avoidance products into the drone market and support our customers for all their autonomous unmanned vehicle needs.

In June 2016, 5DTM purchased Time Domain, the industry leader in Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology. Time Domain developed the world’s first UWB silicon chipset in 1999, marketed under the name PulsON®. In addition to being a technology leader, Time Domain led the effort that prompted the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to amend its rules and allow for the commercial use of UWB. Our PulsON® products allow customers and researchers to evaluate UWB as a positioning, ranging, communications, or radar technology and develop UWB-enabled products that target those applications. The combination of 5D’s Position EngineTM and Behavior EngineTM with PulsON® UWB creates a robust, highly precise solution that works extremely reliably – even in rain, snow, dust, fog, and darkness. Many other types of sensors fail or degrade in these conditions and incorporating 5D’s solutions solves a necessary market need.

As of 2016, the Company holds a premier patent portfolio of 108 patents that have been awarded or filed worldwide. The core patents cover the fundamental technology and include system level characteristics. Subsequent patents have expanded the core technology and applied it to specific applications which cover techniques that optimize precise positioning, ranging, reception of high bandwidth transmissions, radar and autonomous navigation applications.

Our customers’ needs have always been our central focus. 5D’s products are being used each day by smart innovative customers and partners around the world.

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