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Connected Vehicles

NYC Driving

To date, no other technology can track vehicles within a single lane in the dynamic nature of NYC’s streets.  5DTM developed, manufactured, and deployed systems that plug into a city’s street light infrastructure.  These smart city systems were installed on 25 street lights along 6th Avenue from 45th St. to 55th Street.  Installation time by NYC DOT totaled 2 hours.  A paired, PulsON® based car-top sensor was used to track the position of vehicles over the course of several days.


Convoy Autonomy

Safety is always a concern when using large autonomous vehicles.  PulsON® UWB sensors a key enabling technology that allows large vehicles to safely and precisely navigate around people, other vehicles, and meet precision location requirements.  This means sensors must operate in all weather, lighting, dust, and multi-path environments.  Lockheed Martin’s Convoy Active Safety Technology (CAST) merges LIDAR, GPS, and 5D’s PulsON® UWB ranging sensors to enable driver-less vehicles.

Lockheed Martin

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Industrial & Enterprise

Heavy Equipment

5DTM enables automation of industrial equipment and processes. The 5DTM Position EngineTM and Behavior EngineTM can rapidly integrate into drive by wire vehicle platforms.  This allows customers to turn existing equipment into ‘smart’ robotics solutions.  The 5DTM Position EngineTM and Behavior EngineTM software products showed themselves capable of operating in a safe and efficient manner.  United Rentals is acting progressively to deploy 5DTM technology within their rental yards, automating forklifts, scissor lifts and material handling robots.


Mission critical rail safety products need accurate, reliable position data in all weather conditions, underground and within tunnels. Metrom Rail has implemented just that.  “Located on the roof of the rail work vehicle, the Metrom module contains the 5DTM PulsON® UWB, and GPS modules. This module is installed upon a modular base which can accommodate all vehicles and mounting locations.”  This becomes the core of the Metrom Aura Collision Avoidance System (CAS) to detect ongoing and precise distance of rail vehicles to avoid collisions.



Drones are powerful tools.  Autonomous drones based solely on GPS have serious safety and reliability restrictions.

5DTM’s software capabilities enable drones to perform missions with higher reliability and greater precision.  Our  5DTM Position EngineTM and Behavior EngineTM allows drones to fly indoors or in GPS denied environments with high accuracy PulsON® UWB sensors. The PulsON® based constellation positioning is accurate enough to automate landing on a charging pad, without GPS, and then transition back to GPS when available.  This allows for indoor and outdoor operation.

5D Aerial Technology

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Defense & Security

Radar Fence

Nuclear power plants, pipelines, borders, shipyards and airports are critical to the world’s economy and safety.  Our technology can augment or replace traditional infrastructure security techniques by supporting:

  • Fenceless perimeter security for real time, low false alarm rate intruder detection
  • Quick-install, cost-effective security perimeter particularly in temporary circumstances


5D RoboticsTM has proven its technology for defense applications.  Our precise and reliable positioning enabled a world class “IED defeat” kit. The IED defeat kit consists of an autonomous mine detecting robot, paired with a heavy duty mine clearance robot.  These used 5DTM sensors to accurately return to marked hazards.

5DTM also created a “Lighten The Load” kit, which reliably follows soldiers while carrying their heavy gear over long distances and high operational tempos.

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