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Our PulsON® UWB sensors represent the state of the art in precision ranging, localization, communications, and radar.  We’ve added new software functionality to shorten your development time and speed time to market.

Sensor Fusion

5D’s patented multi-pronged approach fuses multiple sensors for robust and cost effective positioning. Our capability intelligently combines data from GPS, LIDAR, IMU, odometry, vision, and PulsON® UWB sensors.

Time Domain Sensors P440 Smart Sensor

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Aerial Mapping and Inspection

5D’s hyper-accurate position and robust behaviors enable drones to autonomously fly with higher reliability, greater precision, and in GPS denied environments. A drone configured with 5D’s PulsON® UWB can precisely fly indoors for any type of inspection mission such as security, power generation, warehouse inventory control, and power lines.

5D Aerial performs multi-spectral, hyper-spectral, LiDAR, 3D, Hi-Resolution Photogrammetry and video inspections for your sites. Our aerial team has over 40 years combined experience, comprised of aerospace engineers, physicists, aero-modelling and aerospace marketing professionals.

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Virtual Rail

Virtual Rail enables vehicles to precisely traverse a designated path. The user can easily create and modify paths to enable autonomous transportation.  This behavior delivers the reliability and precision of a system on rails but with drastically reduced infrastructure capital expenditure, and no cost to reconfigure paths.

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The robot tracks and follows a designated target using a variety of sensors. The target can be a person, manned vehicle, or even another robot enabling autonomous convoys.

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Safe Motion

Safety is at the core of the Behavior EngineTM architecture. The Behavior Engine’s Safety Layer monitors critical system components, prevents collisions and ensures safe driving characteristics in confined spaces.

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Autonomous Driving, Connected Vehicles, Smart Mobility

Intelligent vehicles use 5DTM technology to autonomously transport people and goods. This game-changing solution drastically improves the safety, efficiency, and cost of transportation for any ecosystem. Autonomous shuttles or personal vehicles enabled with our software can transport people in environments such as airports, corporate campuses, or resorts. 5DTM technology can also benefit connected and smart vehicles with reliable positioning and communication.

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Constellation Positioning

5D’s PulsON® Ultra Wideband (UWB) Constellation (a constellation is a network of PulsON® sensors) provides a precise positioning and navigation solution which is more accurate and reliable than GPS. When in range of a Constellation our capability enables precise centimeter positioning and robust operation in challenging environments.

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