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5D Robotics

Successful and Precise Tracking of Vehicles in NYC

The New York City demonstrator project stems from a DOT sponsored initiative to study how Circulator Vehicles can improve safety, quality of living and efficiency in a city. To date, no other technology could track a vehicle within a single lane given the dynamic nature of NYC’s streets. 5D developed, manufactured and deployed systems that plugged into the city’s existing street light infrastructure. Our systems were installed on 25 light posts along 6th Avenue from 45th St. to 55th Street. The installation took the NYC DOT workers a total of 4 hours to complete. This system was then used to track a vehicle over the course of several days and to demonstrate the accuracy of the position measurements in dynamic city streets.

Demonstrations were conducted in September, November, December of 2016 with successful tracking of a vehicle outfitted with a 5D position sensor and antenna on top of a car.

Date:  Dec 29, 2016

5D Robotics Board Appoints Ketan Kamdar CEO

5D RoboticsTM has appointed Ketan Kamdar as Chief Executive Officer and member of the board of directors effective August 18, 2016. David Bruemmer, 5D RoboticsTM co-founder and previous CEO takes on the role of Chief Technology Officer full time. Previously, David had been performing both roles for the company.

Larry Hershfield, Chairman of the Board at 5D RoboticsTM commented, “We are very pleased to have Ketan join and lead the next phase of 5D RoboticsTM growth. Ketan is a highly accomplished executive with a deep understanding of technology and how it can scale to gain the best value for customers and investors.”

“Ketan’s previous leadership experience with start-ups, and mobile solutions providers including Broadcom and AT&T makes him well suited to take 5DTM through its journey providing precise positioning, navigation, and radar solutions. We are excited to have him with us.” said David Bruemmer.

Ketan Kamdar commented, “Our markets range from industrial to automotive, and we have great partner companies. With the acquisition of Time Domain earlier this year, we have several technologies and capabilities across all of 5DTM based on Ultra Wideband (UWB) for ranging, positioning, and radar. Our immediate focus is on providing positioning and navigation with our UWB and software for autonomous vehicles in harsh environments, for both new and existing customers. Putting all these abilities together makes this a wonderful time to join the 5D RoboticsTM team and participate in this exciting company.”

Date:  Aug 18, 2016